Treatment and SPA in Bulgaria - Velingrad


Velingrad is one of the most popular balneological complexes in Bulgaria. It is situated in the most picturesque part of the West Rhodopes mountain. The resort is famous for its unique nature and for the excellent healing properties of the mineral water in this region.

Velingrad is situated 745 m above the sea level. The climate is transcontinental, with Mediterranean characteristics, and creates conditions for successful year-round treatment in Velingrad.

The Velingrad geothermal deposit is the biggest one in South Bulgaria, comprising a total of 80 mineral springs. The mineral waters are clear, colorless, with pleasant taste. They belong to the group of the so called „soft“ waters, which are weakly mineralized, hydrocarbon sulphate, containing sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon, fluorine and many other microelements.

The waters in Chepino are characterized by small content of radon, fluorine and silicon. They are used for rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases, such as gastrointestinal tract disorders, gynecological diseases, disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, locomotor system disorders, respiratory diseases, endocrine diseases, metabolic disorders.

The unrivalled combination of natural factors in the area makes Velingrad a first-class balneological resort. Crowned as the „Spa capital of the Balkans“, the town welcomes its guests and offers them Spa and Wellness procedures, together with picturesque places for leisure and recreation.


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