Treatment and SPA in Bulgaria - Pomorie

Pomorie lake - black layer - resort Pomorie

Pomorie mud is slime sulphide, highly mineralized and salt-rich. It is a pharmacologically active hydromineral raw material, that contains a lot of organic and nonorganic healing substances. It is rich in microelements, enzymes, hormones and other biologically active substances. It has correcting and healing effect. Pomorie mud consists of three fractions: two solid and one liquid. The mud has an odor of hydrogen sulphide and alkaline reaction. It contains big quantity of sulphur, iodine, copper, strontium, amino acids, ferments, estrogens and vitamins. The radioactivity is very low.
Physicо-chemical parameters: pH 7,28 , Humidity 73,83 %, Water-detention characteristics 362 g/100g, Pollution (particles > 0,25 mm) 2,02 %, Volume of sludge 8,1 sm3/100g, Oxidation-reduction potential 7,5 mV, Relative weight 1,20 , Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) 0,769 g/kg, Degree of swelling 3,3 , Heat capacity 0,7906 Cal

Physicо-chemical parameters (liquid phase): pH 8,15 , Bromide (Br-) 77,6 g/kg, Potassium (K+) 4,68 g/kg, Calcium (Ca2+) 0,277 g/kg, Magnesium (Mg2+) 1,315 g/kg, Mineralization 30,725 g/kg, Sodium (Na+) 4,68 g/kg, Sulfate (SO4 2-) 2,086 g/kg, Hydrocarbonate (HCO3-) 1,376 g/kg, Chloride (Cl -) 16,93 g/kg


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