Treatment and SPA in Bulgaria - Pomorie

Pomorie Lake - grey layer - resort Pomorie

The lagoon liman marshes of Lake Pomorie have excellent properties, suitable for balneotherapy. The grey layer of the curative mud is highly mineralized, with low concentration of sulphide, containing significant amounts of magnesium ions in a water-soluble form. The mud also is characterized with high content of sulphate, chloride, magnesium and sodium ions. The healing effect is a result of the complex action of the chemical, biological, electrodynamic and mechanical factors of the curative mud. The mud is good for all kinds of diseases of the locomotor system, also for peripheral nervous system disorders, gynecological diseases, infertility and dermatological diseases.
Physicо-chemical parameters: pH 7,13 , Humidity 63,28 %, Water-detention characteristics 212 g/100g, Pollution (particles > 0,25 mm) 3,51 %, Volume of sludge 5,5 sm3/100g, Oxidation-reduction potential 7,8 mV, Relative weight 1,34 , Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) 0,281 g/kg, Degree of swelling 2,3 , Heat capacity 0,7052 Cal

Physicо-chemical parameters (liquid phase): pH 7,80 , Bromide (Br-) 82,1 g/kg, Potassium (K+) 8,54 g/kg, Calcium (Ca2+) 0,296 g/kg, Magnesium (Mg2+) 2,275 g/kg, Mineralization 54,888 g/kg, Sodium (Na+) 8,54 g/kg, Sulfate (SO4 2-) 3,400 g/kg, Hydrocarbonate (HCO3-) 1,709 g/kg, Chloride (Cl -) 29,99 g/kg


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