Treatment and SPA in Bulgaria - Devin


Devin is situated in the west Rhodope Mountains, in the valley of the river Vacha. The town is located 200 km away from Sofia, 100 km away from Plovdiv and 35 away from the resort complex of Pamporovo. There are unique natural sights in this region, such as the waterfall “Struilski dol”, the Trigrad Gorge and many caves.

Devin is famous for its mineral water, which, with its unique properties, rivals the French “Perrier”. The mineral waters here are found by deep-water drilling. The temperature of the water in the different springs varies from 37° С to 42 ° С (98,6 ° F to 107,6 ° F).

The water in Devin is hyperthermal, with no color and smell, with weak mineralization and low acidity. The water contains sodium hydrocarbonate and fluorine. Due to its characteristics, the water is extremely suitable for drinking balneotherapy in case of kidney and urological disorders as well as gastrointestinal disorders. Applied externally, the water lowers the arterial pressure in case of hypertony, treats joint pains and improves their functional condition after operations and fractures. The water is also good for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis deformans, osteoporosis and back pains.

The mineral water from the springs of Beden is suitable for treatment of various nervous system disorders, gynecological and urological diseases, and metabolic disorders.

The resort comprises of several balneotherapy centres that offer a great number of balneological and physiotherapeutic methods of treatment as well as specialized kinesitherapeutic methods.


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