Treatment and SPA in Bulgaria - Musculoskeletal apparatus - Albena

Strengthening program for abnormal posture - 10 days 145 € - resort Albena

The program is intended for children form 5 up to 14 years old with functional and initial anatomical spine curvatures and also with abnormal posture. The program aims at strengthening the muscle corset and forming a normal posture. It includes 2 pediatric examinations, anthropometric data analysis, detailed status of the locomotor system, plantogram, swimming course, practical recommendations for healthy eating for children, and the listed procedures.
Physiotherapy with medical equipment: physiotherapy
Balneotherapy: treatment swimming pool with mineral water
Mud therapy: mud applications, paraffin applications
Kinesitherapy: remedial gymnastics in a swimming pool, curative gymnastics, medical massage
Naturotherapy: apitherapy
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