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The spa and wellness market is expected to grow further. However, due to the dynamic development of the market, a confusing variety of resorts and services has arisen with varying quality, making it difficult for travellers to choose where to go. Terms such as HEALTH, WELLNESS, SPA and HEALTH HOLIDAYS are being used in an inflationary manner and their suitability for guidance on the market is limited. The differences in quality are considerable, be it with regard to hygiene, the quality of treatments and remedies or the atmosphere at resorts. The problem is that customers can hardly be sure in advance of what awaits them.

The ESPA launched the international quality seals EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness in conjunction with leading experts to boost international transparency and fairness in competition. The certificates give good spa facilities in the health- and wellness sector an international platform bringing them to the attention of tourists, tour operators and health insurance companies all over Europe via the EuropeSpa directory at, which lists all the EuropeSpa med and EuropeSpa wellness certified spas. Meanwhile over 60 audits were done throughout Europe. We are pleased that in between 5 facilities in Bulgaria could receive the EuropeSpa seal.
Get inspiration for your next stay in a Bulgarian spa or wellness.

                                                                    Dr. Sigrun Lang - ESPA President

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Bulgaria - country of health!

Welcome to the tour operator’s KITT specialized website for medical spa and balneological services!

This website aims at presenting the opportunities for healing holidays, therapy and SPA vacations in Bulgaria. Here you can choose the most suitable for your health condition resort, hotel, sanatoria, balneological and treatment programs and procedures.

Our website contains a list of selected hotels and health resorts, chosen according to the highest quality requirements towards the products offered, and also in full compliance with the strict criteria set by ESPA  (the European Spas Association) and BUBSPA (Bulgarian Union of Balneology and SPA Tourism), whose active member is the company KITT.

More often than not, uncertified products of poor quality, disguised behind the words SPA, HEALTH, WELLNESS or HEALING TOURISM, are being advertised on the market. In our opinion, such an approach in the sphere of the healing tourism and balneology is absolutely unacceptable.

KITT offers you a wide range of options for one genuine healing vacation. And Bulgaria is one of the countries that have the most favorable conditions for healing holidays.

In its abundance and variety of hydrothermal water and climatotherapy conditions, Bulgaria holds one of the first places in Europe. There are more than 600 hydrothermal sources in the country and practically all types of mineral water, which exist in nature. The overall water debit of these sources is about 270 million liters per day and more than 75 % of the sources have a temperature between 37 and 101°C.

Healing mud of local origin is also widely applied in the balneological resorts of Bulgaria. This small country’s unique feature is a combination of several factors:, such as SEA, MOUNTAINS, MINERAL WATER. It is they that turn BULGARIA into a place suitable for holidays and healing vacations all throughout the year.

Come and visit Bulgaria, finding for yourself its unrivalled benefits for your health!


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