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The resort Hisar is located in Central Bulgaria, in a small valley, at the foot of the south slopes of the Sredna gora mountain. The resort is 40 km to the north of Plovdiv and 140 km to the east of Sofia. Hisar combines superb climate and a thermal mineral deposit with cultural-historical legacy, which turns the town into a centre for both therapy and leisure.

The mineral springs of Hisar have attracted people from ancient times. There were settlements here 5 000 years ago. As far back as 293 AD the Roman emperor Diocletian turned Hisar into a well-known resort, visited by the Roman patricians.

There are 22 mineral densely located springs, gushing on the territory of Hisar with different physicochemical characteristics and with temperatures ranging from 41° C to 52° C (105.8° F to 126° F). This fact is unique not only for Bulgaria, but for the whole world. All waters are lightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium with high alkaline reaction and low hardness. The waters are clear, colorless with pleasant drinking taste qualities.
The mineral water in Hisar is used for effective treatment of diseases of the kidney, gall bladder and liver, as well urological, gastrointestinal diseases and locomotor system diseases. The water is also reported to be good for patients suffering from infection of the urinary bladder and tracts, diabetes complications, diseases of the digestive system, advanced nephrosclerosis, gout etc.

Hisar offers year-round high quality tourist services, based on the variety, uniqueness and authenticity of the natural and cultural treasures. They all make for the development of Hisar as an attractive resort for active recreation and balneotherapy.


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