The town of Pomorie is located 18 km away from the city of Bourgas. For many years the resort has been subject to medical researches due to its unique combination of natural factors and healing properties. The climate in Pomorie is continental Mediterranean. The sea-climate factors are widely used in the treatment of some diseases of the respiratory organs, such as chronic bronchitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis, tracheitis, mild forms of bronchial asthma, functional nervous system disorders, as well as hypertonia. Other disorders, suitable for treatment in the resort, are obesity, gout, conditions of recovery after heavy illness and operative interventions, secondary anemia.

The mineral water of Pomorie belongs to a very rare type of water. With a comparatively low mineralization, this water contains a considerable quantity of magnesium, which is very important for many crucial physiological functions of the body.

The medicinal liman mud is obtained from the lagoon lake Pomorie and has extremely valuable physico-chemical properties. The mud is black, plastic, fine-structured, rich in hydrogen sulphide and humic acids, averagely mineralized.

The mud treatment
has proven good effect on different types of diseases: locomotor system diseases - chronic degenerative and inflammatory joint diseases: osteoarthrosis in various locations, rheumatoid polyarthritis, infectious arthritis; myositis, lumbago; ostitis and periostitis, conditions after bone fractures; periarthritis, bursitis, tendovaginitis; conditions post injuries of the joints and the soft tissues; gynecological diseases, as well as infertility; male reproductive system diseases,  residual effects after operative interventions and moderate degrees of male infertility.

Good treatment results are achieved in case of some peripheral nervous system disorders, such as chronic neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis, radiculoneutiris, discopathia, neurovegetopathy,  neurofibromyositis, posttraumatic conditions of the peripheral nerves. The treatment in the resort is also favorable in case of some dermal diseases, such as chronic eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis.

Pomorie offers excellent conditions for leisure, maintenance of good health and active treatment.


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