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Mud therapy

Different kinds of curative mud (the peloids) have significant common features in terms of their curative usage, namely big water retention capacity, considerable degree of swelling, viscosity, plasticity and adhesity. Due to these features the curative mud is characterized with high capacity of retaining heat , and fits firm to the skin of the body. Another feature of great importance is also the property of the curative mud to slower discharge heat, upon warming up,  in comparison to water. This is the reason why mud therapy procedures can be applied at a higher temperature (50°С)  and thus to exert continuous and highly expressed warming effect on the organism.

Curative mud sources in Bulgaria are mainly liman (Atanasovsko lake, Varna lake, Shabla, Taluk liman, Pomorie lake) and turf. Mud therapy is proven to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect as well to be stimulating metabolic processes in the organism.

Th town of Pomorie is the biggest mud therapy centre in Bulgaria.

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